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The tax system in France is primarily focused on the social sphere and that is why legislation provides tax incentives for companies that are involved in health care, education and art, insurance, or engaged in public charitable activities.

France is among the prestigious jurisdiction and registration of the company in this country gives the owner a number of advantages:

  • France is respectable jurisdiction. Registration of the company in this country will increase the level of trust and respect from your customers and partners.
  • The ability to provide goods and services with the mark of European company.
  • The possibility of obtaining loans from banks in France.
  • The possibility to get a residence permit in France.
  • Companies that are registered in France and operate its activity outside the country are tax free.
  • Registration of the company in France usually takes two weeks.
  • There is no foreign exchange control.
  • France has the agreements to avoid double taxation with more than 89 countries.

Basic organizational and legal forms of companies in France:

Private Joint-Stock Company Public Joint-Stock Company
Limited Liability Company General Partnership
Company limited by shares Special Partnership
Limited Liability Private Enterprise
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