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Account advice

Accounting services for legal entities

Owners of small companies, new projects and startups who are planning to run their business not only in the country of registration usually use accounting and bookkeeping services.

Naturally, you can hire an accountant or use outsourced services. In this case, the entrepreneur will be able to monitor the work of the accountant daily and accountant will carry responsibility, since he is employed in the company. However, staff accountant is not always the best solution.

It is worth noting that the providing of accounting services by third-party is the western business model. Provident Europeans came to the conclusion that maintaining of high-quality accountants and systematically improvement of their skills is too expensive. At the same time accounting service for enterprises was formed as a separate area of work for some companies.

Let’s consider the advantages of accounting services provided by OK Capital specialists:

  • the work of one full-time accountant is performed by a team of experts, whereas the costs is same, or even less;
  • practical experience of our employees allows to find a way out even in the most difficult situation;
  • the company makes payments for software, conducts regular training of employees, and prepays specialized publications;
  • our company has an internal quality control, which has a positive effect on the level of service;
  • Information confidentiality. Some entrepreneurs are concerned about the information security in the course of transfer the financial statements to third parties. It is important to note that we sign the non-disclosure agreement with our clients before starting cooperation. It confirms that all commercial information that will become known to us in the course of our partnership are kept in the strictest privacy;
  • corporate liability. All activities of our experts meet the requirements of current legislation and we are absolutely responsible for the consequences of the cooperation in accordance with agreement.

Account advice

Specialists from OK Capital are highly qualified lawyers and accountants who provides professional support not only for domestic but also international business, that confirms their experience and knowledge of foreign legislation.
We offer accounting services to private enterprises, limited liability companies, private and public companies and also to private corporations and foreign companies.

Accounting services: list and service fee

Standard accounting services provided by OK Capital include:

  • Formulation of financial and tax accounts of the companies, development of accounting policies;
  • execution of supporting documentation on performed business processes, handling of receipts and expenditures, prompt basing of operations within 1C program;
  • Banking;
  • Formation and submission of reports;
  • HR records keeping;
  • payroll accounting and conclusion of labor transactions;
  • control of all accounting processes and document workflow;
  • reconstruction of financial and tax accounts;
  • undergoing of inspections during the record-keeping period;
  • information and consultancy support.

The cost of accounting services

Service Price
Accounting Services (enterprise on the territory of Ukraine) from UAH 400 per hour
Accounting Services (a foreign enterprise) from $150 per hour

Certainly, every client is unique for us. We carry out auditing of the enterprise and develop an individual work plan before starting.
The price of accounting services for the legal entity depends on many factors like the form of ownership, the tax system, the number of employees, the flow of documents etc. Therefore calculations are made individually for each company.
Please fill in the form below. Our experts will contact you and prepare an offer to suit all your business needs.

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