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Consulting services – definition, purposes and tasks

Consulting – it is an activity to advise managers regarding a wide range of issues related to finance, commerce, law, information technology and other areas of human activity. The purpose of consulting is to help the management system (management) to achieve their goals.

In other words, consulting services are the services of a different nature (mainly is to provide information on any subject) provided by a consulting firm or consultant to assist in the promotion, improvement of innovative business ideas. The main task of these services is to analyze, justify perspective areas of development and application of scientific, technological, organizational and economic decision-making, taking into consideration the customer’s issues.

In addition to advising, consulting services include practical implementation of certain technical / organizational tasks. Companies ordering consulting services are often in a critical situation and only then turn to a third party. The priority objective of consulting is considered to be the optimization of business processes, improving the efficiency of the administrative personnel and, accordingly, increase the level of productivity of each employee of the client.


Consulting services in OK Capital company

OK Capital Company holds a leading position in the market of highly qualified consulting services for small, medium and large businesses. We have formed a team of qualified professionals, which ensures the provision of high-quality consulting. The aim of the OK Capital company is professional assistance for the companies to increase business efficiency.

A distinctive feature of our company is the individual integrated approach to the optimal solution of certain problems. Specificity of consulting in the area of business process optimization is that you can not solve the problem within the framework of only one type of consulting, for example, tax or legal. That is why OK Capital formed a team of professionals and their comprehensive work contributes to solve the problems of any complexity.

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