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Development of schemes of tax optimization

Development of schemes of tax optimization in different countries

Development of tax optimization schemes of OK Capital specialists includes the following steps:

  • together with the client we define the purposes and the possible legal ways of tax optimization;
  • we provide an audit of the enterprise, if necessary;
  • OK Capital team of professionals working on a project of tax optimization schemes, recommendations on the implementation of the scheme, approve the project with the customer;
  • the process of implementing and setting up the model of developed scheme for its effective operation.

Tax optimization scheme implemented by us:

  • meets all requirements of the legislation;
  • has high levels of efficiency and safety;
  • stable to external and internal factors.

During the development of the individual tax optimization schemes, our specialists take into consideration all the aspects of your business: the business of the company, related to its operation risks, the structure of the enterprise, the geography of the sales market, the number of employees, and more.

On the basis of the ultimate goals set by the customer, we use different methods and approaches during the development of tax optimization schemes. Among them are separating business, the use of structures with different taxation modes and many others.

The result of tax optimization schemes is to increase the profits of the enterprise through the use of previously unrecorded internal capabilities of the enterprise and long-term reduction of the tax burden and other with exclusively legal approach.

The cost of financial planning

Service Price
Tax planning from $100
Making individual offshore schemes for your business contract price
Agent relationships contract price
Making schemes of optimization of taxation in different countries from $100
Analysis of tax risks from $200
Services of foreign auditors Cost of a team work of specialists: lawyer, accountant and auditor is USD 200 per hour
preparation of review about the dynamic development in various sectors of the economy abroad contract price

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