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Agent relationships

Agent relationships

Agent relationships it is a relationships of two companies under which one party is an agent and for specific payment makes concerted action on behalf of and in favor of the second party – the principal.

Such cooperation is formalized by agent agreement where the obligations of the parties, working conditions and agent’s remuneration for his work are written.

Agent work is essentially a commercial mediation and agent agreement is a contract for the provision of intermediary services or services of commercial representation.

OK Capital Specialists efficiently use possibilities of agent relations in the development of tax optimization schemes.

During making the agent agreement we take into consideration all the details of the legislation in different jurisdictions and determine the optimal conditions under which the payment of corporation tax on profits, for example, could be legally reduced more than 3 times.

The OK Capital Services include:

  • Development of tax optimization schemes involving one or more agents;
  • Preparation of agent agreements;
  • Representation of the interests of the principal as an agent in any jurisdiction;
  • If necessary – the registration of new companies, opening accounts in foreign banks, legal and accounting support of transactions, Apostille of foreign documents and more.

The cost of financial planning

Service Price
Tax planning from $100
Making individual offshore schemes for your business contract price
Agent relationships contract price
Making schemes of optimization of taxation in different countries from $100
Analysis of tax risks from $200
Services of foreign auditors Cost of a team work of specialists: lawyer, accountant and auditor is USD 200 per hour
preparation of review about the dynamic development in various sectors of the economy abroad contract price

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