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Registration of new companies and purchase of shelf companies in Ukraine and Russia

Company registration in Ukraine and Russia

Everyone who have registered a company in Ukraine knows that the registration procedure is not a complicated process, but it will require a great deal of patience and take a lot of time and effort. Moreover, probably you will face the bureaucracy at the State Registration of Legal Entities and entrepreneurs individuals.

Today you can register a company even through the Internet, but unfortunately for small companies this process will take the same time as a standard registration procedure through the state registration department.

To register a new company first of all it is necessary to determine the legal form of ownership of the future enterprise:

  • an individual entrepreneur (IE);
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC);
  • Private Joint Stock Company (PJSC);
  • Public Joint Stock Company (PJSC);
  • mass media (media);
  • associations and organizations;
  • branches;
  • representative offices;
  • and others.

List of required documents for the registration of the company will depend on the chosen form of ownership.

Registration of new companies in Ukraine

OK Capital specialists will assist you in registration a company in Kiev or any other city in Ukraine and Russia.

Our services for company registration include:

  • initial consultation with the client, the definition of the legal form of the future enterprise;
  • verification of selected company’s name to be unique;
  • filling in the registration forms, preparation of required references, preparation of model statute;
  • submission of documents to the state registration authorities, payment of state duty;
  • receiving of state registration certificate for the enterprise.

We can also assist you in matters of company registration in tax inspection, statistical offices, the Pension Fund, as well as in making of seal and opening of a corporate bank account.

The cost of service of registration and liquidation of companies

Service Price
Registration of a legal entity from 2000 UAH.
Registration of emergency, FLP from 500 UAH.
LTD registration in Russian Federation from 12 000 RUB
Liquidation of legal entities and natural persons-entrepreneurs 2000 FLP 5000 UAH. LE liquidation through sale of corporate rights (alternative liquidation) - 10 000 UAH.
Audit and liquidation of foreign companies Cost of a team work of specialists: lawyer, accountant and auditor is USD 200 per hour
Date changes for animals change founders - from 1200 UAH change of directors - from UAH 1000 Relocation of the company - from 1000 UAH Changing names - from 1400 UAH Changing the size of the authorized capital - 500 UAH (3 working days)
Change NACE legal entities and individuals from 400 UAH (3-4 working days)
Vytyag (extraction), a certificate from the state register from 150 UAH. (2 hours)
Extract from the state register from 200 UAH. (2 hours)

Purchase of shelf companies

Purchase of shelf company is interested for those entrepreneur, for whom it is important the date of the registered company. Usually it concerns the participation of companies in tenders, where it is written the strict conditions for the participants, including the period of the company on the market. Date of registration also affects on the level of customer confidence in the company. This factor can be one of the key for customers of certain businesses, during choosing a supplier of goods or services. Purchase of the shelf company solves all of these issues.

To buy a shelf company you would need the following:

  • to define with the form of ownership of the enterprise;
  • to define taxation system for the enterprise;
  • to define if it is required to have a license for shelf company;

If there is no required company in our register of shelf companies, we can register a new company with the necessary parameters or we can find a shelf company in the base of our partners.

We will assist you in buying shelf company LLC., shelf enterprise with license or shelf company with a current bank account, registered in the territory of Ukraine or Russia.

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